How & Why Smoke Away Works

The All Natural Smoke Away stop smoking support system was designed to help your body deal with withdrawal systems as you go through the process of quitting as well as to help remove the chemicals and toxins that have built up in your body while you were a smoker. We have put together a group of all natural easy-to-use components that provide an extra line of defense to assist as you become a non-smoker.

Smoke Away Formula 1

Smoke Away Formula 1

Fight withdrawal symptoms naturally. The all-natural herbs in Smoke Away Formula 1 work independently and synergistically to help you stay calm and comfortable in spite of the nasty withdrawal symptoms your body throws at you.

Smoke Away Maintenance

Smoke Away Maintenance

Over time, smoking cigarettes depletes your body of important nutrients and minerals. The Smoke Away Maintenance formula helps replace what smoking has taken away. For best results, it is recommended to continue the Maintenance Supplement for 90 consecutive days after Formula 1.

Smoke Away Spray Away

Spray Amway by Smoke Away

Spray Away provides the convenience of a spray and the strength of the homeopathic medicine to help combat urges that arise. Whenever you feel one come on, simply spray 2 or 3 times under your tongue and the fast acting formula goes to work immediately.

Smoke Away Homeopathic Relief

Homeopathic Pellets

If you need temporary relief, and chances are you will, simply place three tablets of Smoke Away® Homeopathic Medicine under your tongue as soon as you need them. 

The Smoke Away Audio Downloads

You should listen to the Audio Program for at least 14 days. Even after that, continue to use as needed. The Audio Program was created to give you encouragement and support, to help get you through the tough times.

The Smoke Away® Audio Program and Manual downloads were created to provide valuable information about smoking, health concerns, and most importantly, motivational support. You will be educated about the dangers of smoking and provided guidelines for using Smoke Away®. The Audio Program was created to give you encouragement and support to help get you through the tough times.

Instructions for the Smoke Away Program

Take 4 Tablets of Formula 1 Before bed one evening.

The next morning you wake up and quit cold turkey, No smoking from now on. Continue to take Formula 1. Four tablets three times a day for three straight days.  Switching after that to two tablets three times a day.  

Once the Formula 1 is completely gone and that phase is complete swith to taking Maintenance. Two tablets once a day.

Use the Spray Away and Homeopathic Pellets as needed over the course of the entire program to battle immediate or stronger cravings.