Smoking: A Dangerous Habit

Despite the many warnings about the dangers of smoking, thousands of people cultivate the habit annually. Young adults, in particular, have much to lose by smoking. The following truths give greater insight into the dangers of smoking at an early age.

Health Hazards

The earlier people smoke, the greater the risk of contracting serious illnesses that can hinder their future. A young adult smoker may develop lung cancer or a serious respiratory illness before he or she reaches middle age. By impairing his or her health, smoking can completely alter a young person’s future, taking away some of the best years of his or her life.


As nicotine is highly addictive, young adult smokers run the risk of forming a deadly habit that can hinder their health for years to come. This addiction could very well lead to young people dying before their time. It’s much more difficult for a person to break a smoking habit than it is to start. Even smoking a few cigarettes weekly can be dangerous, as the habit can take root and easily grow. Before long, smoking becomes a daily function that young people can’t do without. Daily smokers run the risk of developing health problems that restrict their lifestyle, keeping them from living a full and happy life.  

Physical Abilities

Smoking can have an adverse effect on a young person’s athletic performance, keeping him or her from reaching his or her full potential. Budding athletes should be fully aware of what smoking can do to their athletic careers. Tobacco not only hinders blood circulation but strains the heart, causing it to work harder. Smoking also causes shortness of breath, hindering an athlete’s ability to run or partake of activities that require a great deal of physical exertion.

Secondhand Smoke

Studies reveal that inhaling second hand smoke on a regular basis can be just as harmful as developing a smoking habit. A young adult’s smoking habit could very well harm those around him, such as younger siblings or friends. Second hand smoke increases the risk of bronchitis, ear infections, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It’s not uncommon for people who hang around smokers to suffer from more respiratory ailments than their non-smoking peers.

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