Nine Little-Known Effects of Smoking

Most Floridians know that smoking can cause various types of cancer and promote premature aging in multiple ways. However, many people have yet to learn about several other health problems linked to cigarettes:

  1. Smoking has the potential to degrade eyesight and even trigger permanent blindness. It raises the likelihood of cataracts and macular degeneration. Tobacco can prevent sufficient blood from reaching a person's retina. Some smokers eventually need eye surgery.
  2. Cigarettes frequently cause wounds to heal slowly. This increases discomfort and boosts the risk of additional tissue damage. After smokers become injured or undergo medical operations, there's a higher chance that infections will develop.
  3. Some people have genes that promote psoriasis, an unsightly and itchy skin problem. If the same individuals smoke cigarettes or cigars, it greatly increases the probability of developing this condition. Tobacco products often leave skin pale and wrinkled as well.
  4. Cigarettes raise the risk that a person will suffer from type 2 diabetes, especially if he or she smokes on a regular basis. The likelihood increases by approximately 35 percent, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Smoking creates distractions that contribute to about five out of every 1,000 auto accidents. Although cigarettes trigger far fewer crashes than cellphones, they cause more accidents than heating and cooling adjustments.
  6. Cigarettes weaken Floridians' immune systems. This increases their vulnerability to many different illnesses and boosts the severity of symptoms. It also makes people susceptible to respiratory infections, according to the federal government.
  7. Tobacco products promote bone loss and make fractures more likely to occur. Women often undergo menopause at younger ages when they smoke. This increases the probability that a person will develop osteoporosis.
  8. Studies show that smokers suffer from lupus more frequently than other citizens. This persistent and painful disease harms tissue in many parts of a person's body. It can trigger considerable amounts of inflammation. The risk quickly reduces when people quit smoking.
  9. Lupus isn't the only autoimmune disease that tobacco products cause. They increase the likelihood of rheumatoid arthritis by 100 percent. Numerous smokers suffer from Crohn's disease as well. This condition has the potential to induce fever, swelling and diarrhea.

The bottom line is that cigarettes have a wide range of little-known harmful effects on health and safety. Many Floridians avoid these problems when they quit smoking in Naples, Bonita Springs, Golden Gate or any other part of the Sunshine State.

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