Counting the Oral Fixation When Quitting Smoking

Many smokers find themselves habitually snacking or eating when they first try to quit smoking. Often, this is because they are subconsciously mimicking the act of smoking, which involves placing something into their mouth. Quitting smoking isn't just about breaking a chemical dependency -- it's also about breaking habits. There are a few ways experts often suggest that smokers can counter their oral habits so they don't feel as tempted to smoke.

Lollypops and Hard Candies

The goal of reducing the oral fixation is to give the individual something to do with their mouth that doesn't lead to a significant caloric intake. To that end, lollypops and hard candies can take a while to dissolve and can take the place of a smoking habit. Smoking can become ritualized -- a smoker may be accustomed to walking out on their balcony and lighting a cigarette at the end of the day. By replacing the cigarette with candy in this ritual, the smoker may be able to avoid some of their most pressing urges. 

Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds tend to be superb for smokers because they require a manual action -- shelling. As a smoker might light and puff on a cigarette, an individual who has quit will need to individually shell and eat their seeds. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are very healthy compared to many other snacks, though they are calorie dense. The shells serve a secondary purpose of making sure that the seeds aren't eaten too quickly.


Vaping isn't entirely without its dangers. Vape liquid can still contain nicotine, which can extend the process of quitting. Nevertheless, many smokers have successfully used vaping as a method of slowly reducing their nicotine intake over time. Vapes serve a dual purpose of delivering a small amount of nicotine and addressing the habit of smoking. Vape liquid can also be purchased that is flavored but doesn't contain any nicotine. Vaping does not require combustion, so it isn't as harmful to smokers as burning tobacco.

A quit smoking kit in Florida may be useful for smokers who need help. Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to counter, in no small part because it becomes entrenched in an individual's day-to-day life. Having a kit and a strategy to follow can make the process easier.

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